You depend on other projects.
You want to stay up to date.
David's got your back.

David gets you an overview of your project dependencies, the version you use and the latest available, so you can quickly see what's drifting. Then it's all boiled down into a badge showing the current status, which you can embed on your site.

Giving you badges.

Got a Node.js project? Get a badge. David is free for public projects on Github.

Declare your dependencies in a package.json file and you're good. David will go work the rest out and you'll get your own project status page, listing your dependencies and their freshness. Click on the examples above for a preview.

Type your username / repo name in below and get yours...

David is currently BETA, which means it may be unreliable, unavailable or not working. That said, it's already useful and we're working to make it rock solid. It's all in Github so feel free to help.

Most used dependencies

These are the most used NPM dependencies based on open source GitHub projects that are using them.